v3.10.0 | March 4, 2024

Dokan Pro v3.10.0 Release Banner
  • New: Introducing Dashboard Menu Manager! Admins can now easily manage which menus appear on the vendor dashboard and customize vendor dashboard menus.
  • Update: FontAwesome library was upgraded to version 6.5.1.
  • Update: Premium features now automatically lock upon subscription expiration.
  • Update: Dokan Vendor Subscription now supports WPML.
  • Fix: Corrected calculation error in WooCommerce Analytics for Dokan sub-orders.
  • Fix: [EU Compliance Fields] Resolved deprecated warnings for Germanized integration in EU Compliance Fields.
  • Fix: [SPMV] Search functionality is fixed for “Other available vendors” in SPMV when WooCommerce booking is enabled.
  • Fix: [RFQ] Order creation issue addressed for admin approval and conversion to quote in RFQ.
  • Fix: [RFQ] Visibility issue fixed for “Reverse Withdrawal Payment” & “Product Advertisement Payment” products in Request for Quotation.
  • Fix: Refund processing is now functioning correctly via the API in Gateway.
  • Fix: Translation issue has been resolved in the RMA Customer table.
  • Fix: Announcement now correctly sent only to enabled vendors.
  • Fix: [Stripe Express] Issue resolved with the Stripe Express webhook not functioning after recent updates.