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Our Story

Being an entrepreneur ourselves, we struggled and tackled numerous difficulties of being a business person. We realized why many businesses with potential lose hope and give up. As such, we put our heart and soul into work and created Dokan Multivendor Marketplace in 2015. From entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs, we wanted to extend our assistance to those struggling in stages we’ve struggled in.

Today, we’re proud to be a trusted name in the industry, offering a complete range of features and services to meet the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs. Our team is dedicated to making your journey as smooth as possible, and we’re committed to delivering exceptional customer service every step of the way.

Now Dokan also has a dedicated Marketplace cloud solution. Dokan Marketplace Cloud Solution offers a streamlined and scalable approach to creating an online marketplace, with user-friendly interfaces, robust security, and extensive support.

Our Mission

Striving for
Continuous Innovation

Our mission at Dokan is to create the best marketplace development experience possible for our customers. We are dedicated to providing a diverse range of high-quality options at reasonable rates, as well as providing great customer service at all times. We believe in integrating cutting-edge technology to make the user experience faster, easier, and more convenient. We are dedicated to developing a strong, devoted community around our brand and leave a lasting positive mark on our customers.

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Our Vision

the Best of the Best

At Dokan, it is our hope to provide a one stop solution to entrepreneurs wishing to take their ideas to the next level. We’re committed to providing a streamlined, user-friendly experience that allows any user, novice or expert, to build a marketplace that meets their requirements. We strive to provide industry leading technology and bring innovative functions to reduce management burdens and continuously improve our platform. At Dokan, we believe everyone deserves access to the best products and services, and we’re committed to making that a reality.

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Dokan Add-Ons

Creating a complete Dokan ecosystem is only possible when not only
you and your sellers, but also your customers and other parties
involved can interact with your marketplace. As such, expand your
Dokan activities with their addons.

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Dokan Mobile App

Make your customers’ shopping experience as frictionless as possible. Your consumers can discover everything they need right on the app with the easy-to-use interface.  Compatible with both Android and iOS, capture and retain all your customers simply.

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Dokan Delivery Driver App

Order delivery efficiency is just an app away. Invite your drivers to join your branded app designed specifically to provide synchronized communication between your marketplace sellers and customers. Fulfilling deliveries has never been easier.

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A Detailed Overview of the Hotel Marketplace Theme

Otel Theme

An elegant look is within your fingertips. Dokan’s Otel theme guarantees a look that is meant to entice and captivate visitors to your Hotel Booking Marketplace.  It has everything you need for your website, not just the style, but also the basic, easy-to-use functionality.

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Dokani Theme

Designed exclusively for Dokan marketplaces, this theme handles all the challenging and technical aspects of your site design. You just need to sit back and add your imagination to enhance your site interface.

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