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Introducing weDocs Pro – An Ultimate Documentation Plugin for WordPress

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Today we are here to introduce you with weDocs- The next generation WordPress documentation plugin.

Documentation and knowledge-based tools are essential for both WordPress themes and plugins. From demonstrating features to explaining every technical term, it helps to achieve it with ease. It not only lessens the pressure of support tickets but also solves instant customer queries.

The good news is that you can now smartly tackle all these kinds of stuff in no time. Yes, weDevs revamped weDocs with a newer version of weDocs 2.0 to solve your documentation-related hassles.

You can now create, organize, re-order documentation, manage user permissions, enable an AI assistant widget, and do more to make your user journey better and smoother.

Let’s check out what enhancements we have made in weDocs to enhance your WordPress knowledge base!

weDocs: The Ultimate WordPress Documentation Management Tool

A screenshot of WordPress documentation plugin homepage

weDocs is your go-to self-hosted plugin, tailor-made for WordPress. It’s designed to simplify the process of crafting, tweaking, and organizing documentation for your WordPress websites. 

With weDocs by your side, creating user-friendly and captivating documentation that speaks to your audience has never been easier. This user-friendly plugin empowers you to build a treasure of valuable knowledge effortlessly. 

Plus, weDocs offers tons of customization options for your documentation. This means you can create captivating knowledge bases that can truly impress your visitors.

Let’s highlight the key features of weDocs below:

  1. Create and organize WordPress documentation effortlessly
  2. Drag-and-drop feature to sort and organize your Knowledge Base documents
  3. Powerful search functionality for instant access to relevant information
  4. Multilingual support with the Weglot plugin
  5. Customizable themes and templates to match your branding
  6. 3-level nested documentation for better organization
  7. SEO optimization for improved visibility
  8. Easy permission management for internal and external knowledge bases
  9. Painless migration from BetterDocs to weDocs without any hassle
  10.  weDocs ChatGPT AI Chatbot-powered Assistant Widget for automated support

Floating contact form for accessible communication with users.

Top features of weDocs at a glance (Free and Pro)

Previously, we had only a few features in the free versions, which were all basic. For example, adding documentation, creating sections and articles, basic permission management, etc.

But now, weDocs has been revamped with some more super cool features and functions to lift your documentation journey. You will have both the free and pro features in this release.

Let’s check out the below and learn more about the free and pro features at a glance:

Free Features of weDocs

Let’s explore all the exclusive features of weDocs you’ll get completely FREE:

1. User-friendly Interface 

weDocs has an intuitive and user-friendly interface to let you create and manage your knowledge base, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

2. Easy Documentation Creation and Organization

Create and organize documentation with ease using the weDocs WordPress plugin. Its intuitive drag-and-drop feature allows you to sort and organize documents without any hassle.

3. Powerful Search Option

weDocs provides powerful search functionality for instant access to relevant information. Users can easily search for the required document using the search bar on the website.

4. Compatible with WordPress Language Plugins

weDocs supports multilingual documentation using the Weglot plugin. You can create documentation in multiple languages to cater to a diverse audience. It supports almost 100+ different languages.

5. SEO Optimization

weDocs is optimized for search engines to ensure better visibility and reach. Users can easily find the documentation using search engines, improving the overall SERP result.

6. Create Unlimited Sections and Articles

Effortlessly categorize your documentation into sections and articles, ensuring your users can swiftly locate the answers they seek.

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Advanced features of weDocs

Here you’ll find advanced features of weDocs:

1. Permission Management

weDocs provides easy permission management for internal and external knowledge bases. You can control access to your WordPress documentation and knowledge base using this feature. 

2. Nested Documentation Structure

To better organize your documents, use the three-level nested documentation structure. This feature makes it easy for users to find the information they are looking for in the documents.

3. Responsive Design

weDocs ensures your knowledgebase adapts flawlessly to all screen sizes, ensuring a compatible and satisfying experience across devices.

4. Instant Search with The Assistant Widget

Assist users in finding solutions promptly with its robust search feature, which promptly delivers relevant articles based on their inquiries.

5. Pre-built Layouts and Styles

Tailor the appearance of your knowledge base to your website’s identity through customizable themes and styling options.

6. Floating Contact Form

weDocs provides a floating contact form to provide a convenient way for users to reach out to you. Users can easily contact you via email without having to navigate away from the documentation.

7. An AI-assisted Chatbot with ChatGPT

weDocs AI bot understands your query and delivers answers based on your prompts. It will work as a ChatGPT for your knowledge base. 
Using the GPT 3.5 language model, it will fetch information for users from the documentation. The bot ensures that it will learn different contexts across different websites and user queries.

Create and Manage Your Documentation and Knowledge Bases with These Powerful Features of weDocs

Below you’ll find the ways how to use weDocs for creating and managing your documents more efficiently:

1. Permission Management

An illustration of permission management of weDocs

Role-Based Permission Management in weDocs provides a structured approach to controlling user access and editing privileges within your documentation. This feature ensures that the right users have the appropriate level of control, maintaining document integrity and controlling content visibility.

You can assign predefined roles (Admin, Editor, Author, Viewer) or create custom functions tailored to your needs. Lock articles to prevent unauthorized editing and enable secure collaboration.

This streamlines workflow by allowing different user groups to focus on specific tasks. Safeguard your documentation’s accuracy and security with this powerful feature.

Benefits You’ll Get

  • Assign roles for user access.
  • Customize roles for specific permissions.
  • Lock articles to prevent unauthorized edits.
  • Facilitate secure collaboration among teams.
  • Streamline workflows for focused tasks.
  • Enhance documentation accuracy and security.

2. Assistant Widget

An illustration of assistant widget of weDocs

Assistant widgets, an integral feature of weDocs, can revolutionize your documentation presentation and interaction.

Within this toolkit, you’ll find enhanced visual appeal through interactive elements, automated content spotlighting, personalized exploration options, seamless communication tools, and the ability to align the widget’s appearance with your brand.

Experience a new level of engagement and efficiency as you optimize the user experience with these dynamic capabilities.

Benefits You’ll Get

  • Engage users with visually captivating documentation.
  • Enhance content discovery with highlighted articles.
  • Tailor the user journey for effective navigation.
  • Foster interaction within the documentation environment.
  • Maintain brand consistency through design customization.

3. Auto and Manual Content Management

An illustration of auto and manual content management of weDocs

weDocs offers auto management that highlights vital articles based on popularity and user behavior, while manual content management lets you curate the explore tab, ensuring personalized experiences.

It provides a seamless balance of automation and customization for an effective documentation journey.

Benefits You’ll Get:

  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Tailored content discovery
  • Promotes important updates.
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Efficient content curation

04. Customizable Document and Messaging Tab

An illustration of customizable document and messaging tab of weDocs

Customizable documentation and messaging tabs in weDocs provide you with the power to shape the appearance and communication within your documentation environment. 

Benefits You’ll Get:

  • Design tab to match brand identity.
  • Choose visibility per page requirement.
  • Access pre-built designs for quick modification.
  • Personalize messaging for professional communication.
  • Enhance user experience with tailored messages.

5. Custom and Pre-built Design Widgets

An illustration of custom and pre-built design widgets of weDocs

Experience the versatility of custom and pre-built design widgets in weDocs, offering an array of design options to create visually captivating documentation. Customize design elements to match your brand’s identity with tailored visuals, while flexible styling ensures coherence across your website.

Achieve brand consistency and trust. Pre-built design templates provide effortless design solutions, saving time and enabling quick customization. 

Enjoy professionally crafted aesthetics that enhance your documentation’s visual appeal. These features combine to offer a streamlined design process that elevates your documentation’s presentation and user experience.

Benefits You’ll Get:

  • Ensure cohesive widget appearance
  • Enhance brand recognition and trust
  • Quick customization with pre-built designs
  • Elevate aesthetics with professional design templates

06. Migration Feature

An illustration of migration feature of weDocs

Within weDocs, we offer a migration feature designed to facilitate a seamless transfer of your data from BetterDocs. This functionality allows for a smooth transition, ensuring that if you feel the need to manage your documentation while using BetterDocs, you can effortlessly migrate your documentation to weDocs. 

It enables users to shift their documentation without any hassle, ensuring a better fit for their needs within weDocs. 

Benefits You’ll Get:

  • Smooth data transfer from BetterDocs to weDocs
  • Enhanced documentation organization
  • Centralized platform for all documentation
  • Improved functionality and compatibility
  • Ongoing support and updates
  • Simplified content management with an intuitive interface

How to Get Started with The WordPress Documentation Plugin weDocs (a Short Installation Guide)

Like all other WordPress plugins, the installation process for weDocs is also the same. Either you can download and activate it from your WordPress backend or you can directly download it from the WordPress repository.

A screenshot of searching for weDoc on WordPress dashboard

After that, upload the plugin files to the WordPress/Add New Plugin/Upload a Plugin directory. 

A screenshot to upload the weDoc plugin files on your WordPress

On the other hand, you can directly do it by installing the plugin directly through the WordPress backend.

A screenshot to upload weDocs plugin on your WordPress

After that, just activate the weDocs plugin. It seems that the button is not showing, as we have already installed and activated it.

Next, start creating documentation for your WordPress products and configure the settings according to your needs.

Go to weDocs> Docs> New Docs and Add Your Doc Title.

A screenshot to add your doc title

Here’s an overview after adding sections and articles under the main documentation.

It's an overview after adding sections and articles under the main documentation

For detailed documentation and support resources, please check out documentation here. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach out to the support team through the website.

Why is Documentation Important for Your Plugins and Themes?

Documentation and knowledge base plugins offer multifaceted advantages that optimize customer support, bolster engagement, enhance credibility, save resources, and elevate user experiences.

Eventually, a documentation plugin does the following – 

  • Reduce support tickets. Users find answers independently, reducing support inquiries.
  • It increases customer engagement with well-structured content and fosters more vital user-brand interaction.
  • Boosts credibility with an informative knowledge base and builds trust and credibility.
  • Saving resources and costs by minimizing support workloads leads to efficient resource allocation.
  • Improves user experience. You can access to self-help resources enhance satisfaction and issue resolution

Documentation and knowledge base Plugins are essential for online businesses. They reduce support inquiries, engage users, build credibility, save resources, and improve the overall user experience, contributing to long-term success. 

Ready to Take Your Documentation Journey to The Next Level with weDocs?

So, that’s a wrap on announcing weDocs! This amazing plugin with powerful features is here to shake up how you deal with WordPress documentation. 

No more headaches or boring searches. With weDocs, your audience will breeze through finding information and help. It’s all about making documentation a whole lot simpler and much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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