Dokan Brand Resources


Dokan is a global brand from weDevs, and we provide
vector versions of all our logos and marks for certain uses
listed below. Please respect it and use it with care.

dokan new color logo
dokan new white logo

Full Logos

monochome logos white
monochome logo 2
monochome logos black
monochome logo 3

Monochrome Logos

dokan icon updated
monochome lcon
monochome logos white icon
monochome logos black icon
monochome icon 2

Logo Icon

The Dokan logo should only be used in a clear space. Ensure that there is no clutter surrounding the logo when it is used on your website or any other material. When determining the minimum safe space surrounding the logo, use half of the logo’s width.

dokan icon

The logo consists of three ‘D’ letters, which
represent the multi-vendor solutions
offered by the brand.

safe space
minimum size

The logo Dokan should always be easy to read. So, in digital content, the logo should never appear smaller than 24dp in height.
The minimum size for applying the logo in print is 0.125 in/3.1 mm in height.

logo size

The minimum digital height must be 24dp. It
cannot be shorter than this.

What Not to Do with the Logo

The Dokan Logo is a symbol people recognize, so it should always be the same. Here are some
examples of what you should avoid doing with the Dokan logo.

do not outline
do not rotate
do not distort proportions
do not shear or skew
do not apply effects
do not alter letter spacing
do not use a gradient
do not use any off brand color
do not use any background color behind the logo

Using The Logo on
Solid Backgrounds

Here are some examples that demonstrate the proper use of the Dokan Logo on various solid backgrounds. To
ensure clarity and visibility, it is recommended to use the black full-color Logo on backgrounds that are brighter
than 15% gray (In some cases, the black version of the logo can be used). Conversely, the white full-color Logo
should be used on backgrounds that are darker than 50% gray.

dokan new color logo
dokan new white logo
monochome logo 3
monochome logos white
monochome logo 2

If the full-color logo is difficult to see against a background color, it is recommended to use a
monochrome logo instead. The monochrome logo with an black color code of #000000 has a white
triangle in the icon and is suitable for use on light, multi-colored images. On the other hand, the
monochrome logo with a white color code of #FFFFFF has a triangle with no fill and is ideal for use
on dark, multi-colored images.

monochome logos black
monochome logos white
monochome logo 2
monochome logo 3

Here are some brand colors of the Dokan Theme, Logo, and website. There is the handpicked
combination of colors we’d love to see while promoting Dokan!

Blue Lotus



Atomic Tangerine

Brink Pink



Athens Gray

Gray Nurse



Antique White





Antique White



Gradient 1

Gradient 2