v1.0.6 | September 2, 2014

Dokan Pro v1.0.6 Release Banner
  • New: Hooks added on settings form
  • New: Pre-defined attribute feature
  • New: Added hook and filter in product listing
  • New: Arabic translation added
  • New: Customer migration to seller
  • Fix: Change seller name to store name in cart
  • Fix: Add store link to seller review tab
  • Fix: change best seller name to store name in best seller widget
  • Fix: Condition fix for new product visibility
  • Fix: Update url separator
  • Fix: Coupon product dropdown shows only 10 products
  • Fix: Repeated slide off
  • Fix: Change manage stock check
  • Fix: Review pagination in seller dashboard
  • Fix: Email notifications removed from child orders
  • Fix: Correct text domain updated
  • Fix: Order status localization