Dokan Year in Review 2023

Dokan Year in Review 2023: Looking Back!

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2023 has been a year of contrast for the Dokan multivendor plugin. The world has faced economic challenges throughout the year for various reasons. However, the Dokan team was fortunate to assist thousands of people in overcoming the challenges of creating and managing multivendor marketplaces.

Dokan Multivendor has become stronger by adding new features and modules in 2023. We aimed to make the plugin as bug-free as possible so that users wouldn’t face any problems while managing their marketplaces.

As businesses of all kinds were moving online, Dokan saw an increase in active installation and now stands at 60,000+ active installations.

Supporting the sheer number of new eCommerce businesses can be challenging, but thanks to our dedicated team, we managed to address all your concerns and provide the best support possible.

All of these accomplishments make us extremely proud while also humbling us. We know we now have even more responsibility to serve you even better. In 2024, we will continue our good work with dreamers like you by our side.

Dokan Multivendor Overview: The Story So Far!

Dokan has achieved astounding figures and experienced solid growth over the years. Here is what we achieved since our inception:

Dokan Whole Overview
  • 60,000+ active installations.
  • 550+ reviews.
  • 1,321,186+ total downloads reached.

We are always updating and innovating our products. We made it compatible with many different plugins.

  • 42 additional modules.
  • 65 compatible plugins.

We couldn’t have done that without you.

How Dokan Started in 2023

Dokan started its journey back in 2013. Gradually, we managed to take the top spot for WordPress multivendor marketplace plugins

We started the year with 70+ employees. Due to the continuous growth of Dokan, our team has gradually increased over the last 12 months.

We entered the year 2024 with some very useful feature updates in 2023, such as adding the Dokan Vendor Dashboard plugin, upgrading the Dokan Migrator plugin, the seller badge module, and more.

We will shed more light and also tell you about our plans for the year 2024.

We have completed the migration to our new domain, ‘,’ transitioning from ‘‘ this year. This dedicated platform will exclusively spotlight Dokan and its features. Moving forward, all new content and updates related to Dokan will be published on this site.

We Have Added Some Great Features to Dokan in 2023

For the Dokan development team, 2023 was a fruitful year in terms of adding new features. We have added some awesome features.

Dokan New features 2020- Dokan review, Dokan overview

Seller Badge Module: We have introduced the new Seller Badge module. This module will help marketplace owners recognize vendors by assigning badges to their sellers. This module will also help customers build trust and loyalty.

Dokan Vendor Dashboard Plugin: We have also introduced the Dokan Vendor Dashboard plugin. This plugin will revamp the vendor dashboard to give it a more exclusive and user-friendly design.

Upgrade to the Stripe Express Module: We have also updated the Stripe Express module. Now, vendors can buy product advertising slots using this payment gateway. Also, we have added support for source transactions in Stripe Express.

Dokan Migrator Plugin: Users don’t have to worry about the challenges of migrating Dokan from other platforms. The Dokan Migrator plugin will take care of this. You can easily migrate from WC Vendors and WCFM.

Apart from these, we’ve also released countless small updates that will offer a great user experience for both you and your customers.

Noteworthy Features and Modules for Dokan Lite Version Released in 2023

In the free version, we have added some great features, like:

  • Extended REST API Support For Dokan
  • Added Reverse Withdrawal feature
  • Dokan Admin Settings page UX changes
  • Various Email template-related enhancements
  • Moved shipping splitting functionality to Dokan Lite from Dokan Pro.

Noteworthy Features and Modules for Dokan Pro, Released in 2023

Not only the Dokan lite version but we have added some features to the Dokan Pro version as well-

  • Extended REST API Support for Dokan
  • Single Step Product Create form
  • Ask for a product review
  • We added a feature to display the remaining amount under Free Shipping (left to free shipping).
  • Replaced vendor discount feature with coupon
  • Delivery time module enhancements
  • WooCommerce HPOS Supports
  • Store Support module enhancements
  • Seller Vacation module enhancements
  • Vendor withdrawal enhancements
  • Stripe Express module enhancements
  • Vendor Analytics module enhancements
  • Request A Quote module enhancements
  • Various style improvements of the Dokan frontend
  • Added shipping tax fee recipient field setting under Dokan admin settings
  • Added various support under the admin Tools page
  • Added various filters under admin and vendor dashboards to filter out required data
  • Added YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On support for the Dokan Auction and Booking module
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We Solved Some Major Issues

Apart from adding new features, we also spent a big chunk of our time fixing the bugs you were facing and solved many of them.

Support has always been one of our prime focus. And our customers find it easy to notify us of any issues that they experienced with Dokan. As soon as we knew of any problems, we tried to fix them as fast as we could.

You can see the bugs that we fixed in 2023 from the WordPress repository.

Dokan Multivendor in 2023: Great Numbers Thanks to Team Effort!

We added some awesome features and improved our existing ones this year. But what’s extraordinary is that most of our newly added features were suggested by our users. We are a customer-centric company and we tried to implement all the features requested by you on your favourite plugin Dokan.

Our user base has grown a lot and we saw a huge jump in terms of members in our Dokan Community group.

Have a look at some of the mind-blowing Dokan stats in 2023, Dokan overview.

Extraordinary Numbers

2023 has been prolific for Dokan in terms of downloads, active installation, and customer reviews.

End of the year, we are now powering more than 60,000 multivendor marketplaces.

We have reached an astounding 1,321,186+ downloads in early December. We can’t believe the numbers, can you?

Oh, and did we tell you that we also got 70+ new reviews this year, while still maintaining 4.6 stars on average? Well, we just did.

All of these wouldn’t be near to possible, without your endless support and that is what drives us forward.

Development, All Year Round!

Our success this year was largely due to the collective team effort. The development team is the foundation of our company. Like every year, our development team did an awesome job once again.

dokan overview

This year, they released 15 new updates, in addition to making 162 commits.. These updates contain some of the most important features that we have already talked about.

We have a development team of 30+ members and they did a great job despite working as a distributed team due to the pandemic.

Fresh Contents & Resources

Creating content for our users is one of our foremost priorities. Because, with quality content and resources, you can help people more than in any other way.

Dokan Content

We published 100+ new blogs related to the multivendor marketplace that covers tutorials, guides, success stories, and many more. Apart from these blogs, we also published blogs on many aspects of multivendor business, including but not limited to Marketing, Research, Lead Generation, and many other crucial topics.

Our focus this year was to offer you quality articles that help you solve real problems and let you know how to utilize the Dokan in the best way.

We also became regular on our YouTube channel and published more than 80 videos this year. You can find all the Dokan videos from the playlist below.

Moreover, we also did 3 webinars on different topics and 8 popular eCommerce influencers told the world about Dokan multivendor on their YouTube channels.

Support that Thrives for your Satisfaction

Our support team has long been the frontline heroes of our company. They continued to support you in the best possible way and made us proud repeatedly.

Let’s have a look at the incredible numbers from our support team.

Dokan Support

Our support team served more than 14,000 customers this year. In doing so, they replied to a total of more than 10,000 messages in live chat and replied to 900 topics.

Now isn’t this just exemplary?

A Year of Fresh Design & New Perspective

Dokan has seen some extraordinary designs throughout the year. Our design team has created some great designs for the Dokan sites and for blogs as well.

Dokan Design

They have created more than 1095, 140+ website designs, and more than 600+ banner designs. If you visit our site and see our blogs then you will see the changes.

Looking Forward to 2024: Awesome Features Incoming

For 2024, we have amazing features planned. You will find all the list of new features and modules in the Dokan Roadmap. But here is a peek into the features we are planning-

  • Product Form Customization
  • Vendor Registration field customization
  • Menu Editor
  • Vendor Verification Enhancements

We’ll update the list according to the changing demands of customers or other circumstances. Also, we’ll come up with big surprises throughout the year.

We are also thrilled to announce that we will be launching the Dokan Cloud version in the first quarter of 2024. Keep an eye on our site for further updates.

Looking Forward to A Glorious Year Ahead

We want to thank our customers for not just being with us but also for their support in times of unrest. We can only hope that 2024 won’t be like what we faced in 2023 regarding the economic situation.

We don’t know exactly what the future holds for us. But we know this much we’ll continue to innovate and offer you some great functionalities. Because we like to see your love for Dokan. And that’s why we are here with this ultimate Dokan review.

We’re blessed to have achieved all the things that we did and we will continue to strive for more.

Thank you so much for being with Dokan. Take love from the Dokan team. We hope you have a great year.

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