v3.10.1 | March 18, 2024

Dokan Pro v3.10.1 Release Banner
  • Update: Editing store categories in the Dokan plugin used to be confusing, but now it’s much easier. With the latest update, you can edit categories right from the vendor edit page, making the process clearer and more user-friendly.
  • Update: You can now translate vendor subscription categories for a better user experience.
  • Update: Users will now receive proper error messages indicating the need to configure brand assets in Stripe Connect Settings.
  • Fix: We’ve resolved a problem with RMA request validation to guarantee accurate handling of decimal precision.
  • Fix: Free shipping and discount messages now display correctly on mobile screens without any formatting issues.
  • Fix: We’ve fixed an issue where deselecting the latest module caused bulk actions to malfunction.
  • Fix: The auction module menu now displays correctly on the vendor dashboard after activation.
  • Fix: The default product status for auction modules is now properly set according to product status settings.
  • Fix: The catalog-only product visibility setting now functions correctly in live search.
  • Fix: Text within the vendor verification module can now be translated for better accessibility.
  • Fix: We’ve fixed an issue where the quote page appeared broken on mobile devices for guest users.
  • Fix: We’ve added support for responsive layouts in the support table for better usability.
  • Dokan WPML Version 1.1.0
  • Update: We’ve added support for translating single strings related to Shipping Status, RMA Reason, and Abuse Report.
  • Update: Various custom field values for Vendor Subscription products are now synchronized with translations for a smoother experience.
  • Update: We’ve added support for WPML to ensure seamless integration with Dokan Vendor Subscription.
  • Update: Query parameters are now preserved when switching languages with WPML, maintaining consistency across translations.