Dokan Compatible

All these plugins are compatible with Dokan. However,
the payment gateways will only allow customers to
pay/checkout, but Vendors won’t be able to withdraw
their earnings using these payment gateways.

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multi carrier shipping plugin for woocommerce

Enables vendors to ship the product through multiple carriers like Fedex, DHL, UPS etc. with real time rates.

multi carrier shipping

Allows the vendor to totally automate the shipping of their products to customer via Fedex.

multi carrier shipping ups

Automates shipping through UPS displaying real-time shipping rates of a product in product/cart page.


One Stop Ecommerce Shipping Solution For Online Stores.with real time shipping rates at checkout, label generation & delivery updates.


Enables your vendors to provide customers with real time shipping quotes and purchase shipping labels directly from their vendor dashboard.

elex easypost shipping method plugin for woocommerce

This Plugin allows multi-vendors to integrate multiple DHL services to their WooCommerce store. It will work in all countries, where DHL works.


This Plugin allows multi-vendors to integrate multiple DHL services to their WooCommerce store. This is through options to display real-time rates, print shipping labels, automatic packaging assistance, and shipment tracking. It will work in all countries, where DHL works.

Multi Vendor Compatibility for ELEX Shipping Plugins

Do you own a WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace? Are you using one of our premier ELEX shipping solutions in your WooCommerce store?

Payment Gateway

PayPal Checkout

Enables the customers to pay for their carted products through their PayPal account.

Stripe WooCommerce Logo

Enables the customers to make payments with all types of credit cards in a simple way .

Flexible payment gateways that receives online payments including subscriptions, deposits, and pre-orders.

First Data WooCommerce logo

Enables customers to have seamless payment & checkout process from a WooCommerce store.

Braintree PayPal

Allows customers to pay directly through your debit card, credit card using PayPal from your store.

eWay WooCommerce

Payment gateway for customer that receives credit card and subscription payments directly from your store.

klarna WooCommerce Logo

Payment gateway that allows customers to pay as Pay Now, Pay Later and Slice It payment method.

elavon gateway WooCommerce

Customers get to make secure payment and ACH processing service for WooCommerce store.

Sofort Payment WooCommerce

Trusted online banking service provider for the customers to transfer money directly through bank.

Moneris WooCommerce

A leading online payment processors for the customers to make payment securely.

Payson WooCommerce

WooCommerce payment gateway plugin to accept payment directly from the store from customers.

Reslex Redirect Logo

Leading providers of online e-Commerce payment solution to make online payment easy.

paypaldigitalgoods logo

One click PayPal payment solution to buy your favorite product from your WooCommerce site.

Usa epay logo

WooCommerce extension to experience seamless checkout and payment process from your store.

Ogone Payment Solutions large

Accepts multiple payment channels from preferred international and local payment method.

nab gateway logo

A comprehensive credit card payment processor that accepts payment from your Visa and Mastercard by default.


A complete online payment solution to accept payment from your store connecting via Windcave Gateway.

Bean Stream Logo

The extension provides a complete integrated payment experience for the customers of WooCommerce store.

Paytrail Logo

Accepts all payment method by offering all its customer to pay with their preferred payment method.

redsys logo

The plugin allows the customers to make safe payments through both RedSys and Lupay gateways.

checkout gateway logo

Enables the customers to complete all types of credit card and bank payments from the WooCommerce store.

ANZ eGate

The plugin allows the customer to pay directly with their credit cards in the WooCommerce store.

realex payment logo

Seamlessly collect credit card payment directly from your WooCommerce store hassle-free.

chase paymentech logo

The extension provides powerful options to make online payments for the customers directly from the store.

Pin Payments logo

An Australian pin enabled payment system that allows payment by its customer without a bank merchant account.

Gocardless blue.svg

UK based payment gateway to allow its customer to make payments directly through their debit cards.


A Malaysian based payment solution provider with multiple payments option for its customers to make payments securely.

payway westpac logo

A complete credit card based payment processor that makes online payment via their shopping cart process easier.

PayU Logo

A Turkey based credit card payment gateway that makes the online payment process automated for its customers.

Pay Trace logo

A safe and easy online payment processing service for the customer’s payment of a WooCommerce site.

cyber source Logo

The easy process of making credit card payments directly from your WooCommerce store.


A Chinese based payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce store that gets the online payment process automated.

PayPoint logo

A simple yet powerful credit card payment service provider for WooCommerce that makes the online payment process seamless.

woocommerce epath logo om4

It is a bank supplied online merchant payment channels ideal for processing the MOTO enabled EFTPOS.

TrustCommerce logo

An feature rich US based payment solution provider that provides affordable WooCommerce payment solution.

PsiGate logo

A secure payment system to accept all your credit card payments right from the checkout page of WooCommerce store.


A robust credit card payment processor that makes the online payments of the customer easier directly from the WooCommerce store.

square payment gateway for dokan

Integrate the Square Payment Gateway with Dokan which splits payment between admin and vendor and give each other dues separately.

paypal for woocommerce multi account split payments

This add-on to our PayPal for WooCommerce plugin allows you to configure multiple PayPal accounts within WooCommerce which are paid based on rules that you create.


makewebbetter logo

The plugin allows your vendors to handle refund and exchange requests of their products.

WooCommerce Booking

Make time and date based booking for your WooCommerce product, ideal for vendors who wants to provide services, appointments or rental based services.

WooCommerce Simple Auction

Enables the vendors to put up their products for auction just like ebay including regular, proxy and reverse auctions along with normal simple products.

woc open close

Manage business schedules easily and automatically open/close store following predefined schedules. It efficiently manages the time as a result it boosts your productivity.

woocommerce pdf vouchers

Create unlimited PDF vouchers that customers can redeem online or in person. Boost your business performance with gift vouchers, rewards, promotions, and event tickets.

woocommerce ebay integration with dokan compatibility 1

Assisting sellers worldwide with our top notch integration solutions to all popular marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon eBay and more.

woocommerce bookings and appointments

Dokan WooCommerce bookings integration allows you to set up a multi vendor marketplace where multiple vendors can offer and manage WooCommerce bookings.


WooCommerce Wallet and cash back

Stores your money in a digital wallet so that people are able to purchase product or get their money refunded from the WooCommerce store.

Refund Exchange WooCommerce 1

A simple refund management plugin for your WooCommerce products that also operates exchanges, digital wallet and cancellation of features.

YITH Plugins

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

Allows the customers to add products of your WooCommerce store into a wishlist creating a specific page to add or remove them from the cart later on.

YITH WooCommerce Quick View

Hovering over the small thumbnail image of a product it quickly enlarges it without needing to load or open it in a separate page.


Dokan Vendor Total Sales

Extends the ability of the site to determine the total product or vendor sales of your Dokan Multivendor marketplace.

Dokan Vendor Filter

The plugin helps you to easily search and filter any vendor store listing them based on country, state, zip code etc.


Most extensive points management engine built for WordPress. Its loyalty program boosts your website engagement & improves customer satisfaction.

fancy product designer

You can customize your products in many ways. This plugin is now compatible with our Dokan Plugin. Now vendors can customize their products.

variation swatches for woocommerce free

Beautiful color, image and buttons variation swatches for WooCommerce product attributes. Enhance your product visibility with different fields & a built-in quick view option.

variation swatches for woocommerce free2

WooCommerce variation swatches is the most popular attribute variation swatches plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. Besides, it also increases your product visibility with different attribute variations. The plugin is an awesome creation by the GetWooPlugins.

appmaker logo blue

Appmaker is a mobile app building platform that converts WooCommerce stores into native Android and iOS apps. It aims at simplifying app development and enhancing brand perception for eCommerce businesses by offering custom app support.

tyche plugins booking

Allow customers to book appointments & reservations without leaving your website. Sell overnight bookings, tour bookings, hotel reservations, appointments & rentals.

acf for dokan

Admin can easily create custom fields for vendors while he is creating new products. While creating a custom field using Advance Custom Field, admin needs to select ‘Vendor Edits Allowed’ so that vendor can use that custom field.

icon 128x128 1

YayCurrency automatically converts prices to customers’ local currencies, simplifying international shopping.


YayMail simplifies WooCommerce email template customization with a drag-and-drop interface for visually appealing emails.

weglot logo

Weglot is a WordPress multilingual plugin to translate and display your website in multiple languages.

Happy Media

Designed to simplify the organization, uploading, and optimization of media assets.

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