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How Should You Write an “About Us Page” for Your eCommerce Website

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You’ll hardly find any website without an about us page. It’s one of the most visited pages of an eCommerce website after the homepage.

52% of respondents said the first thing they want to see when they land on a website is a company’s “About Us” page.


A personal, likable, and believable about us page enables visitors to know your story and judge whether to trust you and buy from you or not. However, many businesses miss the mark and miss out on beneficial opportunities.

Today, we are going to guide you on how to write about us page for eCommerce website that converts. Also, we will share top examples of eCommerce about us pages and an about us page template to get you started right away.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Tell Your Authentic Brand Story

The common section of an About Us page is the brand story. Most of the cases, people visit the About Us page only to know who you are, why you launched your brand, and your journey throughout the years. And the About Us page is a perfect place to showcase them.

As an eCommerce business owner, you can include some major events of your business, like:

  • When you got the idea for your business
  • When you sold your first product
  • When you made your first 100 sales
  • When you hired your first employee

You need to tell your story in a way so that people see you, hear you, and understand exactly why they must engage with your products. Be gentle, be polite, and follow the storytelling tone while writing your story on the About Us page.

2. Highlight Your Mission, Vision, and Goal

Another significant reason behind people visiting you’re about us page is to know the mission, vision, and goal of your business. You can convert your visitors into customers by demonstrating the main goal of your business smartly.

You should include some key points on your About Us page, like:

  • What is unique about you and your products (USP- Unique Selling Point)
  • What are your dreams and values you believe in
  • Who are you as a brand
  • What are your key features
  • What is the core culture of your business

This information gives the reader something to remember your brand by. Take extra effort with your website copy to make your customers feel like they belong to this brand.

3. Showcase Your Major Achievements

Telling your business achievement gives your visitors a deep insight into the success history. This gives you a chance to share information about when, how, and where you started, and everything your business has fulfilled on the way.

Your existing or potential customers might be interested in seeing how your business grew over the years. So, you can use the timeline diagram to present your history and share your business achievements in a visually engaging way.

You can include here:

  • When did you launch your business
  • When did you open your first physical store
  • Your certificates or rewards
  • When did you first touch any milestone like serving 1K customers, and so on

Note: If you’re just starting out, you might not have a lot of achievements to share. That’s OK. As your business grows, remember to keep coming back and updating your about us page. 

4. Introduce Your Team

Do not miss this opportunity to introduce your team members to your prospective customers through your About Us page. People want to know about the people behind the brand. It’s a great idea to include a team photo or individual headshots on your About Us page, along with their designation or role.

You can include the below points while introducing your team members on the About Us page:

  • Maintain a hierarchy to showcase the team members’ photos like their joining date
  • Display their names with designations
  • You can include their hobby or expertise
An example of how team members can be introduced on an about us page.

This will not only make it easier for users to get to know your brand, but it can also make your employees feel valued and respected.

5. Include Testimonials Or Customer Feedback

This is another proven way to build customer trust in your eCommerce business. To show testimonials on your site, first, you have to earn that. You can reach out to your current or past customers and ask them to give you feedback regarding your business or service.

Sometimes, business owners offer incentives like discount codes to get positive feedback from their customers.

An image that shows 3 testimonials of a business

Note: If your business is new and doesn’t yet have testimonials to share with your visitors, don’t panic. It’s enough to talk about your goals and describe what you’re doing to reach them.

6. Let People Know Where You Are From

Suppose you don’t have any physical location for your eCommerce business. You maintain your business through your website and from your garage. Then again, you should share this location on your About Us page. It helps to gain the customers’ credibility for your business.

You can highlight the below points on your About Us page to let people know where your business belongs:

  • Showcase physical locations with a Google map
  • Enable zoom in and zoom out option
  • Display a contact number or email address to contact you
  • Display social media links to reach you or your business.
An image that shows how a map should be included in an about us page

As you run an eCommerce business online, people won’t visit you physically. But deep down in their heart, they will know their favorite brand has a physical existence somewhere in the world.

And if you have several physical locations around the world, you must highlight them on the About Us page. It’ll help your potential customers to find their nearest store.

7. Place a Few Important Call To Action Buttons

You can add call-to-action (CTA) buttons or links on your about us page that direct to landing pages, product catalogs, blogs, or other pages on your website. They can help your visitors explore more of your eCommerce website.

To create an effective CTA, think about what you want customers to do after visiting you’re about us page. Remember that simple phrases like “Learn More” and “Buy Now” are easy to throw around, but aren’t always the most relevant. So, come up with some creative copy to excite your potential customers.

How to Write About Us Page for eCommerce Website- A Quick Recap

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So, here are the final steps that you should follow while creating an about us page for your eCommerce website:

  1. Tell Your Story
  2. Highlight Your Mission, Vision, and Goal
  3. Showcase Your Major Achievements
  4. Introduce Your Team
  5. Include Testimonials
  6. Let People Know Where You Are 
  7. Place a Few Important CTA Buttons

Mistakes to Avoid While Creating an eCommerce About Us Page

There are a few common mistakes that usually beginners commit while creating an about us page for their eCommerce website. Let’s talk about that!

Here is the list of the most common mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Avoid Direct Sales Pitch 
  • Don’t Overexggerate 
  • Don’t Use Stock Photos
  • Avoid Adding Too Many Photos or Videos

i) Avoid Direct Sales Pitch

Remember this is not your product description or landing page. It’s the page about you and your business. So, don’t forcefully inject any sales words here.

While people who are reading this page may be interested in your product, at this moment in time, they’re interested in you. Keep the focus on your brand as an entity and what makes you unique and important – not your products.

ii) Don’t Overexggerate

There is no need to tell you that your product is going to change the world. Or, telling “We have the best products in the country” won’t make your customers impressed, instead, they question the statement’s truth.

If a business states a product is going to disrupt a whole industry and it doesn’t, then customers will lose trust in the business. Save the superlatives for your social media outlets as pages overloaded with terms like popular, affordable, or durable can harm your credibility through exaggeration. 

iii) Don’t Use Stock Photos

Stock photos or royalty-free images are available online for everyone. Using these photos on your site could save you time and energy. But the consequence will be suicidal for your business, especially for your eCommerce business.

You should use photos that uniquely display your products with your own vision and message. With stock photos, that is just not possible because stock photos are used over and over again by many other users and anyone can spot a stock photo. It could weaken your credibility. Also, it is not good practice for SEO as well.

iv) Avoid Adding Too Many Photos or Videos

Don’t cram your About Us page with too many photos and videos. That doesn’t mean you should fill your About Us page up with too many texts. It distracts your visitors. There should be a balance between texts and images. You can check your competitors to get an idea of how you should balance the image and text.

Media that provides deeper insight into your brand – like a team photo, video office tour, or branded infographic – is an asset to the page. But it’s important to avoid cluttering up your limited space with images that don’t need to be there.

3 Examples of Top eCommerce About Us Pages to Get Inspiration

Now you know how to write an about us page for eCommerce website. Moreover, you know what to include and exclude from an about us page. Then again, if you need some examples to get inspiration from, we got you covered.

In this segment, we are going to show you the top 3 eCommerce websites’ about us page for you. Since these pages are perfectly created, so you can check and learn how you should plan for your eCommerce website about us page content and design.

a) Burrow – A Place to Order Luxury Couch

Luxury couch manufacturer Burrow has a simple about us page that takes potential customers on an organized journey as they scroll down the page. Photo animations bring each section to life, but there’s plenty of white space to keep the moving pictures from becoming overwhelming – it’s a perfect balance.

An example of a top eCommerce about us page

b) Bliss – A Trusted Source to Order Beauty Products

This page from beauty supply company Bliss uses playful images that give us a feel for its products, plus stylish blocks of color that tell us as much about the company as the text does. In terms of knowing what your audience wants to see, it’s hard to do better than this.

An example of an eCommerce site that sells beauty products

c) LARQ – A Reliable Place for Water Bottles

For a high-tech, sustainable water bottle manufacturer, LARQ has crafted an about us page with plenty of personal flairs. If you visit this page, you will get to see this page starts with a group photo. And it’s followed by a symmetrical arrangement of text and images that makes reading or scanning this page an easy feat. 

This is a photo of the LARQ eCommerce website about us page.

Bonus: eCommerce About Us Page Sample Template You Can Use

We have created an eCommerce website about us page template for you. You can follow this template to get an idea of how to write the about us page content for your eCommerce website.

Here is the eCommerce website about us page template:

Who are you? What do you do? What’s your story? What problem did you set out to solve?
Single or group photo of you, your team, or your office
What's your mission, vision, and goal? Why people should trust you? What is your business USP
Photos or illustrations of your products or services
Showcase your major achievements like awards, rewards, or certificates with appealing images and designs
Introduce your team with their name, image, designation, and contact info
Showcase some testimonials of your users like what they think about your business to build customers' credibility in your business
Insert a Google Map to let people know where you are
Display your company contact details like phone number, WhatsApp, or email id along with Google Map
Insert some CTA buttons to your product page, or anywhere you want to redirect your visitors

Create the Perfect About Us Page & Increase Your Brand Value!

Creating an about us page for an eCommerce website is not complicated. But it needs your patience, expertise, and creativity to make your about us page one of the main selling points of your business.

If we summarize, throughout your about us page you should highlight how you started your business, what’s your achievement, and why people should choose you out of so many alternatives. If you can properly align these points with an aesthetic design, users will certainly engage with your business.

We believe now you are ready to create your own eCommerce website about us page.

Having said that if you have any further confusion regarding how to write about us page for eCommerce website, you are highly requested to let us know your queries through the comment box below. You can share your feedback about this blog as well. We’d appreciate that. Thank you.

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