v3.11.1 | May 27, 2024

Dokan Pro v3.11.1 Release Banner
  • Update: We have updated the URLs for payment gateways like Dokan Stripe Connect, Stripe Express, and PayPal on the payment management page.
  • Update: Redesigned the vendor verification process with a new custom method and added a setup wizard to make it easier.
  • Update: Updated the announcement title and content for vendors who don’t have any content or products. Now it provides more relevant and up-to-date information.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue with wholesale prices on the Classic Cart page. Now, the price shown matches the one set on the Product Edit page, so there’s no confusion about the total cost.
  • Fix: The exclusive seller badge button on the admin dashboard vendor edit page is now working correctly.
  • Fix: We cleared up the confusing seller badge content on the admin dashboard.
  • Fix: Removed the cache for withdrawals during automatic disbursement to ensure accurate processing.
  • Fix: The translations in the Product Q&A frontend are now loading correctly.
  • Fix: We set a default value for the chat button on the product page in the admin settings.
  • Fix: Payment gateway fees for Stripe and Stripe Express now include tax in their calculations.