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Request for Quotation

Enable Price Quote Option In Your Marketplace

Vendors and customers can decide upon a price quotation and streamline the process of wholesale purchases. The option for quote request can be selectively set on vendor products based on Admin’s permissions



WooCommerce, Dokan Pro


Available in:

request for quotation
allow customer
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Allow Customers to Set
Forth a Price Quote

Customers can submit price quotes for the chance to make a purchase at a certain desirable price, agreed upon by both vendor and the customer. The quoted price can be negotiated through the module’s email trigger system until both parties reach a decision.

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Role Based
Quotation Rules

Admin can decide who gets the benefit of the quoted prices. It can be applied to any role, be it Subscribers, Vendors, Customers, Store Managers, and more.

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product specific category
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Product Specific, Category Based or Global Pricing

Vendors have the flexibility to set various settings for products on which the quoted condition will be applied on. It can range from specific items on the vendor store, to a whole set of product categories or items on the whole vendor store page. It can also be applied on products currently out-of-stock.

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Custom Pricing Option for
Wholesale Orders

Vendors can choose to display the selling price along with the quoted price. It gives the interested customer a chance to compare prices. However, vendors can hide the selling price and give customers the liberty to ask for a quote on their own.

custom pricing option for whole order

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