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Stripe Express

Transaction Made Effortless with Dynamic Payment Options

Stripe Express provides you with a hassle-free transaction process using Google Pay and Apple Pay to schedule payouts, request payments, and more.



WooCommerce, Dokan Pro, Stripe API Keys

stripe express
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Secure Payment with
Google Pay & Apple Pay

A faster & easier payment option with globally recognized payment gateways. Customers are automatically prompted with payment solution based on their search engine, Google Pay when on Chrome and Apple Pay on Apple devices or Safari.

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Multipurpose Express
Dashboards for Vendors
to Track Payments

Streamline vendor registration process with express onboarding. Vendors can access a variety of data from the Stripe Express dashboard and track their finances ranging from Account Balance, Upcoming Payouts, Transfers, and Overall Earnings.

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payment disbursment
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Options for Admin to Set
Payment Disbursements

Payout schedule gives you the freedom to control when vendors receive their payments. You can set the payout based on Payment Completion, Order Completion, or at a Delayed period.

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Multiple Payment Methods
With Popular eWallets

Give your customers the ability to use multiple payment options. Aside from Google Pay and Apple Pay, Stripe Express comes with iDEAL integration. Customers can choose from different internationally recognized banks–registered under iDEAL to complete their transactions.

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smart payment
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Smart Payment Buttons
for Efficient Shopping

Place smart payment request buttons (which are completely customizable) on different pages – cart, shop, or checkout page. Reduce steps for your customers and make their shopping experience better.


Additional Modules You Will Be Getting

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Help Vendors appoint unlimited staff to manage their stores.

Let your Vendors and customers chat with the Live Chat module.

Let Vendors Export / Import products right from the frontend.

Allow Vendors to make their products unavailable temporarily.

Allow the Visitors and Customers to inquire about products.

Add the ability for customers to post Reviews for your Vendors.

Create highly customized subscription packs and charge vendors as you like.

Provide Vendors with a ticket-based support system.

Famous for its low fees, use Stripe to all handle all your payments.

Allow Vendors to sell another Vendor’s product.

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