Bootstrap Using Dokan multivendor

Bootstrap Using Dokan For Their Multivendor Theme Marketplace

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Bootstrap, the most popular front-end framework used to create modern websites, is using Dokan Lite to showcase and sell their themes. And this is definitely an honor for us and you- dear Dokan lovers!

With Dokan multivendor solution, they have built their entire marketplace which has a variety of bootstrap powered themes.

What Exactly Bootstrap Is?

In case you did not know, Bootstrap is free to use and open-source framework which is developed to build websites and website-based applications.

bootstrap using dokan multivendor lite

It provides a bunch of free HTML and CSS templates for UI interface for example tables, tooltips, accordion, modals, navigation bars and so many more. It does also support JavaScript extensions like jQuery, vue.js, etc.

Long story short, you can design a website template within a very short time and using the least amount of raw codes.

Why Bootstrap Chose Dokan Multivendor

If you are not convinced yet, here is the proof that Bootstrap is using Dokan. You can also do this test by going to the and search for Bootstrap to know which tools they are using on their website.

An illustration describing bootstrap built on Dokan multivendor

As all the features required to showcase and sell bootstrap themes are amazingly easy with Dokan Lite version, so they decided to go for Dokan.

Dokan multiendor marketplace used by BOOTSTRAP theme site
Dokan- top multivendor marketplace builder

The Dokan lite version allows Bootstrap admins and vendors to do the followings:

Manage Orders

The individual vendors can easily manage each and every order from their individual dashboards.

Customize with Storefront Widgets

The admins can customize the vendor store frontend design with a rich collection of widgets.

Get Order Email Notifications in The Vendors’ Inbox

All the vendors will get individual store’s order email right into their inbox.

Build Individual Vendor Stores

With the Dokan lite, the admin of the Bootstrap theme market can create countless stores.

Frontend Simple Product

The vendors can add all types of themes as a simple product to their individual store.

Support for Popular Payment Gateways

Dokan supports popular payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, MOIP (Wirecard) and many more.

cryptocurrency payment in wordpress
With Stripe, Paypal, MOIP- Dokan has 100+ Gateways

Support for WooCommerce Themes

Dokan is compatible with all but all WooCommerce themes. It also has a rich repository of especial themes tailored to teem with Dokan.

The Dokan free version also has free modules that let the admins and vendors effortlessly do the following stuff:

WPML Integration

This module helps the admin translate his/her marketplace to any language that he or she wants to.

Easily build a multilingual marketplace with Dokan

Duplicate Product

If the Admin keeps this module turned on, a vendor will be able to duplicate other vendors product without the hassle of creating the product from scratch.


With this module, the vendors will get an autogenerated invoice for each order.

What Were the Other Alternatives to Dokan?

Dokan was not the only option to showcase bootstrap themes. There were other alternatives like Shopify, Magento, Weebly, BigCommerce, etc.

best ecommerce platform

These solutions come up with a ton of features, most of them are not available in the free version while the Dokan paves the way to use a myriad of the features even in the free version.

Only Bootstrap Using Dokan?

It’s not just Bootstrap that is using Dokan, there are a number of other big guns who are using Dokan as well. Here are a few of them:

  • This site is built with Dokan to provide resources and lesson plans for the teachers and students. Dokan Customer Sucess Story
  • MY MUSLIM MALL: This site also uses Dokan to showcase and sell its eCommerce products.
  • Designboom: Like Mymuslimmall, this site also uses Dokan to sell and showcase its eCommerce products.
  • Playthemove: This is an art and culture related site based on WooCommerce and Dokan which helps the artists attain recognition from the local communities and thrive the art culture.

That’s not the end! There are 20,000+ websites who are using Dokan Lite and the Dokan pro.

So, Why Not You Try?

As Dokan has more than twenty thousand active installs, you can definitely consider this eCommerce multivendor solution as the standard pathway to the success of building a bootstrap-like multi-vendor marketplace. And that’s also for free of cost!

After all, twenty thousand people cannot just trust Dokan for no reason now, can they?

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