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Use One of the Most Popular Payment System Known for Its Efficiency

Used by more than 150+ businesses worldwide Moip is one of the most popular payment gateway systems out there. With this module, you will be able to take advantage of the efficiency that Moip provides for all your customers, vendors, and for yourself.



WooCommerce, Dokan Pro (latest version), Wirecard Account.

payment configeration
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One of the Simplest
Configuration Options
for a Payment Network

Enable the Dokan Moip Payment module, set your Moip account credentials and start receiving payments.

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Set the Title And
Description for Moip
Payment Checkout Option

Enable your Vendors to customize the title and description for the Moip payment checkout option that their customers will see.

checkout payment
payment about
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No Need to Worry
About Who Will Pay
the Payment Fee

As the admin, you will get a built-in option to choose who pays the payment fees; you or your Vendors.

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Everything Available
From the Frontend for
the Vendors

From the vendor dashboard, the vendors will easily be able to connect their own Moip account and start taking their payments.

frontend vendor

Additional Modules You Will Be Getting

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Help Vendors appoint unlimited staff to manage their stores.

Let your Vendors and customers chat with the Live Chat module.

Let Vendors Export / Import products right from the frontend.

Allow Vendors to make their products unavailable temporarily.

Allow the Visitors and Customers to inquire about products.

Add the ability for customers to post Reviews for your Vendors.

Create highly customized subscription packs and charge vendors as you like.

Provide Vendors with a ticket-based support system.

Famous for its low fees, use Stripe to all handle all your payments.

Allow Vendors to sell another Vendor’s product.

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