v3.10.4 | April 25, 2024

Dokan Pro v3.10.4 Release Banner
  • Update: Cart fee support has been added for PayPal Marketplace, allowing you to include additional charges or fees in the cart during checkout.
  • Update: [Delivery Time] For deliveries, the store’s default location will be automatically selected when a store has only one location, making the process more convenient.
  • Fix: The store support topic sub-menu previously displayed a duplicate border, which has now been resolved.
  • Fix: The admin user’s title and image were not rendering correctly on the Admin Store Support page, but this issue has been fixed.
  • Fix: A fatal error that occurred while activating the WeMail Plugin has been resolved.
  • Fix: An issue with the announcement year data rendering incorrectly on the vendor dashboard widget has been addressed.
  • Fix: A problem has been resolved where the payment status failed to update correctly when the MangoPay payment resource ID validation failed during the payment process.
  • Fix: An issue that prevented payouts from working as expected when the instant payout option was enabled in the WooCommerce Payments (MangoPay) settings has been fixed.
  • Fix: An order note will now be added when there is a mismatch between the instant payout settings. Specifically, if instant payouts are disabled in the user’s MangoPay account but enabled in the WooCommerce Payments (MangoPay) settings by the admin, an order note will be created to inform the user about the mismatch and the reason for the standard payout process being used.
  • Fix: A problem where payouts were not working correctly for digital products has been resolved.
  • Fix: Booking calendar by time support has been added, allowing you to schedule appointments or reservations based on specific time slots.