Dokan Wirecard (MOIP) Connect

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

With Dokan PRO 2.9.0, vendors will be able to use Wirecard Payment Gateway (previously known as MOIP) for payments.


  1. Dokan Pro 2.9.0+
  2. Wirecard Account

Admin Configuration

  1. Turn on the Wirecard Gateway modules from wp-admin→Dokan→Modules.dokan modules moip gateway
  2. Go to WooCommerce→Settings→Payments. Turn on the toggle button for Dokan Wirecard Connect.woocommerce settings payments dokan moip connect
  3. Click on Manage to enter the page.
  4. Ensure the Enable Wirecard checkbox is activated. You can enter a different Title and Description.dokan moip connect settings
  5. Admins can also determine who will pay the Wirecard Fee when a customer makes payment. To do this, select from the drop-down Vendor or Admin.dokan woocommerce set MOIP fee payer
  6. If you’re using the module on your live site, insert the 3 Production Credentials: Production Token, Production Key, and Production Public Key.To obtain the keys, login to your Wirecard account. Go to Wirecard→My Account→Settings→Access Keys.moip keys
  7. If you want to try out the module first before using it live in your marketplace, ensure the checkbox for Enable Test Mode is activated. Then enter the Test Credentials for your Sandbox Account. dokan moip woocommerce test credentials
  8. After inserting the keys in dashboard, click on Save Changes.
  9. Go to wp-admin→Dokan→Settings→Withdraw Options. Select Wirecard from the Withdraw Methods checkbox. Click on Save Changes.WireCard Moip Dokan Doc

Vendor Configuration

  1. Vendors go to Vendor Dashboard→Settings→Payment.
  2. You will find a Wirecard Connect widget here. Click on Connect With Wirecard. dokan vendor dashboard moip connect
  3. You will be asked to login with your username and password. Enter and authenticate.
  4. You will now be connected with your Wirecard account.
  5. dokan moip vendor settings e1536118107978The account can be disconnected when needed. dokan vendor dashboard moip connected sucessfully
  6. Click on Save Changes. This completes the configuration.

Storefront View

  1. Click on a product to buy. Add to cart. Then proceed to checkout.
  2. Select Dokan Credit Card for payment type.
  3. Enter your Credit Card credentials and then Place Order.dokan moip customer checkout view e1536120255640

Manage payments

Admins can view payments made, payment ID, their status, amount paid, and other details from his/her Wirecard Account.

To view, click on Account Summary.

dokan moip account summary
dokan moip customer order details

To view details, such as, name of vendor, how much the vendor was paid, and how much the admin earned, click on any payment and it will open the details page.

That’s all!