How to Add Offer Countdown Widget

If you have any special offers or discounts available on your hotel rooms, then you can display them using the Elementor Offer Countdown widget of Otel. Along with the offer description, you can also add a timer that will expire after the offer is over.

Let’s see how to use this widget on your Otel-themed hotel booking marketplace.

Note: You need to have Elementor installed in order to use these widgets.

Step 1: Drag n Drop Widget to the Customization Area

At first, you need to drag n drop the widget to the customization area. It is relatively easy. Select the Offer Countdown widget from the side menu and drop it in the chosen area.

Drag n Drop offer Countdown

Step 2: Customize the Content Section of the Offer Countdown Widget

In the Content section, you can edit the Title and description along with setting the date as well. You will get,

  • Title & Description
  • Date
Content section of Offer countdown

In the Title & Description part, write your offer title with highlighted text. Also, add a short description as well. Don’t forget to adjust the alignment as well.

title content

Select the offer ending date from the Date part. You will see the times automatically calculate the ending days. Adjust the alignment here as well.

Date Content

Step 3: Stylize The Offer Countdown Widget

Now, in the Style section, you can customize the Title & Description along with the Date part as well.

Style section

Adjust the Color, Typography, and text spacing for titles, highlighted text, and descriptions from the Title & Description section.

title style section

The same goes for the Date section as well. You can adjust the color, border, padding, radius, background color from here.

date style section

After customizing, here’s what the Offer Countdown widget may look like.


That’s it.