General Settings

How to Calculate tax for Fee

Do you want to add tax fees for your product and calculate them easily? You can do that with wePOS– Point of Sale for WooCommercs.

  1. Choose ‘YES’ – If you want to calculate Price with tax in the cart or checkout process.
Calculate tax with wePos

2. Choose ‘No’ – If you want to calculate Price without tax in the cart or checkout process.

wePos Tax setting

Barcode Scanner field

Choose your barcode scanner unit field to get correct product data when it will be scanned.

a. ID -If you use ID on products in the store.

b.SKU – If you use SKU on Products in the store.

c. Custom field -If you want to manually set barcode number for the products.

wePos General setting

Click ‘Save Changes‘ after finish choosing.

Enabling Tax: We have not introduced any feature in tax, rather we have used the tax feature of WooCommerce. Check out this documentation to know how to enable tax.

How You Can Set Custom Field in WooCommerce for Barcode

To set a custom unit for any products for a barcode reader, at first, you need to choose ‘Custom Field’ from wePOS.

Follow the steps-

Navigate to wePOS → Settings → Barcode Scanner field → Custom fields → Save Changes

wePos barcode scanner
wePOS- Selecting custom field

Now, you will select your products and set your barcode. You can also do that when adding new products.

Navigate to Products → All Products → Select products

wePos setting
wePOS- Selecting All Products

The Product Edit Page will appear now. Go to the Product data field to set your custom barcode unit for the products.

Product data → Barcode → input unit for this product → Click update

Adding product data in wePos
wePOS- Barcode custom field

Note: ” Receipt Settings” only appear here for the wePOS free version. In the wePOS premium version, you will find the Receipt Settings in the main menu.