v1.2.0 – Decmeber 30, 2022

- **Feature:** Admin payment reports
- **Enhancement:** Upgrader integration
- **Refactor:** Order created via wePOS setter
- **Fix:** Card paid orders not creating '_wepos_is_pos_order' order meta

= v1.1.5 -> 28th June, 2022 =

- **Fix:** Localization issue on changing site language

= v1.1.4 -> 19th May, 2022 =

- **Enhancement:** Card digit input field made auto-focused on selecting the card payment method

- **Fix:** Blank print receipt issue before saving receipt settings
- **Fix:** Unable to add cashiers to the outlets in case avatar display turned off from dashboard settings
- **Fix:** Extra scrollbar appearing issue on side navigation on frontend view

December 31, 2021 – v1.1.3

- **Enhancement:** Products deletion page alerts and response
- **Enhancement:** Order note creation and deletion alerts
- **Enhancement:** Customer creation, deletion, update alerts
- **Enhancement:** Validation feedback message showing for customer modal
- **Enhancement:** Design consistency on outlets page
- **Enhancement:** Card gateway validation for POS payment

- **fix**: i18n support for various pages
- **fix**: Fixed an issue where a country with an optional state won't save
- **fix**: Fixed an issue where customer edit form would keep loading if country if set then removed and then save
- **fix**: Fixed an issue where the login form is not properly showing on some screen sizes
- **fix**: Fixed sidebar layout scrolling issue
- **fix**: Already logged in deadlock issue for outlet deletion
- **fix**: Card gateway throws console error if card digit or card invoice number is not given
- **fix**: Fixed an issue where post could not be created while wePOS pro is activated

December 14, 2020 – v1.1.1

- Update: updated build process