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Table Rate Shipping

Let Your Vendors Create Conditional Shipping Rates

Multivendor support to give vendors flexibility on how they set the shipping rates on their products. Set up different rates according to the distance, weight, price, shipping class or item count of the shipment.



WooCommerce, Dokan Pro

table rate shipping
distance based shipping
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Distance-based Shipping

Allow your vendors to charge customers based on their location, medium of delivery, and a comprehensive calculation based on dynamic conditions. Learn More

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Weight-based Shipping

Set shipping rates according to the weight of each product offered by a vendor with a bracket on the minimum and maximum weight.

rate per weight
shipping rate price cap
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Shipping Rate Price Cap

Vendors have the ability to set a price cap on the shipping rate. If the purchase amount is above a certain value, they can offer a discounted flat rate to that customer.

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Item Count Based

Vendors can set separate prices based on the number of items purchased, for example one price 1-50 items and another for 50+ items, or however they want to arrange their rates based on item amount

table rates
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Class Specified

Vendors can set a combination of shipping rates for defined classes. For varying shipping classes, rates for the top class can be applied or separately charged for each class.


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