Product Attributes and Variations

Before showing you how to add attributes and variations, let’s discuss about it first: 

  • Attributes: Attributes are the characteristics or properties of a product that can be used to describe or differentiate it. These attributes could include things like size, color, material, brand, weight, and any other relevant features of the product. Attributes provide important information to customers, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Variations: Variations are specific options or choices within an attribute. For example, if the attribute is “color,” variations could include red, blue, green, etc. Similarly, if the attribute is “size,” variations could include small, medium, large, etc. Variations allow customers to select the specific options they want for a product.

Now check how you can add attributes and variations for your products: 

How to Add Attributes

To add attributes, go to Products -> All Products, and select a product. Then scroll down a bit, there you will find the Attributes option. Click on the Attributes option. 

A screenshot to add attributes to your product

A new interface will pop up. Now configure these options: 

  • Name: Give it a name, e.g., Size 
  • Type: Choose a type from the dropdown menu. 
  • Options: Enter options, e.g., S (small size), L (large size), etc. After writing an option, press enter to add that option. 
  • Default Options: Choose an option that you want to show automatically selected. 
  • Visible: Turn on the Visible button to show it on your frontend. 

Finally, click the Done button and you are done. 

A screenshot to add attributes to your product

Here is the attribute that you have just created.

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Now add variations for your new attribute. 

How to Add Variations

To add variations, select the Values that you want to add variations for. Here we are selecting all the values to add attributes. Then you have to turn on two toggle buttons. First, turn on the toggle button from the Attribute section, then turn on the toggle button under the Variations option. 

Now click on the Generate button to add variations.

A screenshot to add variations to your product

Here are our just-added variations. 

A screenshot to added product variations

But we are not done yet. Now we need to customize every attribute. 

You can change the “PRICE” and “SALE PRICE” for different attributes. You can also add the SKU and BARCODE for every attribute. 

Then click on the “Edit” button to manage the stock. Just simply enter the stock quantity number, or, you can also skip this part since it’s not mandatory. 

A screenshot to product variation

Then hit the “Save” button. 

Now you are done. 

Here is the preview of the attributes and variations that we have just added. 

A screenshot to the preview of the attributes and variations

Here is a video on Dokan Cloud Product Attributes and Variations.