Store Policy Settings

As an admin, you need to set up and enable policy pages on your Dokan Cloud marketplace to avoid unwanted situations. 

To enable policy pages, log in to your admin dashboard then navigate to Settings -> Policies. There you’ll find all the policy pages.

A screenshot to store policy settings

To activate any policy page, first, you need to enable that page. 

Let’s assume, we need to activate the Privacy Policy page. In order to do that, turn on the Enabled button. Then select the page from the dropdown menu. 

A screenshot to to activate the Privacy Policy page

In case, you haven’t already created any privacy page for your marketplace, no worries. 

Go to Pages under the Designs option and click on the “+Add Page” option. 

Then give this page a name, fix the slug, choose a mode between Builder and Editor, design the page, change the status, and finally hit the Save button to publish the page. 

A screenshot to choose a mode between builder and editor

Then go back to your policy page. Choose the page from the dropdown menu, click the “Save Changes” button, and you are done.  

A screenshot to save changes on privacy policy page

That’s how you can set your store policy.