Payout Configuration

Admin can configure how to pay the vendors. There are two options in Dokan Cloud

  1. Automatic/Scheduled Withdrawal: This way admin can set a date and time that will automatically trigger the payout. 
  2. Manual Withdrawal: In this process, the vendors need to request a payout. 

Go to Settings→ General and you will find all the payout options there, 

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Automatic/Scheduled: You can schedule or automate your payout system-

  • Once a week (choose the weekday)
  • Once a month (choose week and weekday)
  • Twice a month (Choose weeks and weekday). 

Manual/Request to payout: Vendor requests for payout and request will kept pending until admin approves it. 

Payout Threshold: A minimum amount of balance can be determined for the vendor to withdraw. Enter the-

  • Minimum balance amount
  • Order Threshold (Order Maturation Period)
  • Pay In day (Select which will be the start of the weekday for payout)

Payout Methods: You can choose the payment method from here. Also, you need to allow the method for vendor and also set the transaction fees. 

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This is how you can manage the payout.

Read the documentation about Payment methods.

Here is a video on Dokan Cloud Payout Configuration