To send emails to your customers and vendors regarding different notifications, you can use the Dokan Cloud Mailchimp integrations. Mailchimp is a popular email marketing software that more than 14 million users use. 

Let’s see how to integrate Dokan Cloud with Mailchimp. 

Login to your dokan cloud dashboard and go to Integrations and click on the Connect button on Mailchimp, 

A screenshot to to integrate Dokan Cloud with Mailchimp

In the next page, click on the Connect button again. This will redirect you to the Mailchimp page and you need to enter your Mailchimp credentials to connect. 

A screenshot to connect mailchimp account

Don’t forget to give access to Dokan Cloud, 

A screenshot to click Allow button

After that you will be redirected to the settings page again. Now, Enable the Mailchimp option, select the subscriber list, write Checkout Tags, Customer Signup Tags, Vendor Signup Tags. 

Click the Save Changes button to finish. 

A screenshot to Save Changes on mailchimp settings

You will see that Mailchimp is connected. 

A screenshot to show that Mailchimp is connected