Dokan Cloud has an amazing shipping system that will enable you to create and manage the complications of the marketplace shipping system. 

We will show you how to configure the Dokan shipping system. 

Shipping Settings – Admin

First, the admin needs to enable the Shipping option from the Settings→ Shipping. Also, choose which countries you want to ship your products to or which country needs to be excluded from delivering products. 

A screenshot to shipping settings of admin

Admin can create a new shipping type along with the Standard shipping type. Just click on the Add Shipping Type button ,choose shipping name and category, 

A screenshot to add shipping type

Click on the Create button and the new shipping type is created. 

A screenshot to create button and the new shipping type

Shipping Settings – Vendor

After the admin enables the shipping, the vendor needs to configure shipping settings from their part. Go to Shipping→ Preferences-

The vendor needs to configure the shipping preferences. They can choose either 

  • Custom-based shipping or
  • Carrier-based shipping

You need to set the Weight Unit and Dimension Unit for your shipping as well. 

A screenshot to Shipping Settings for vendors

If you choose Carrier Based shipping, you must connect with the Carrier. In this case, you will get Shippo. 

Click on the Connect button and if you are already logged in your shipping account, then it will be connected automatically. 

A screenshot to fulfillment services

Note: Make sure you have a working Shippo account. 

A screenshot to shipping preferences

Now, you need to choose the carriers from the list. 

Note: Make sure the carrier you are choosing, you know all about their rules and regulations. 

A screenshot to configure shippo

After configuring, your account will be connected to Shippo. 

A screenshot to configure shippo

Now, the vendor needs to create their shipping profile. Go to Shipping→ Profiles and click on the Create New Profile button. 

A screenshot to shipping profiles

You need to add the shipping profile name. 

After that, there are two options-

  • Weight Based Shipping
  • Price Based Shipping

You can choose Weight Based shipping where the shipping calculations will be done based on product weights. 

Then you need to add the

  • Handling time: Total day needs to process and handover goods for shipment
  • Cutoff Time: Last time to calculate the order for the day

For Domestic Shipping

  • Shipping To: Choose the Shipping Locations, 
A screenshot to choose the shipping locations
  • Transit Time: Time needed to ship the products
  • Cost On: Choose whether to add shipping cost on item or item quantity
  • Handling Fee: Set the amount for handling fee
  • Shipping Cost: Set the shipping cost
  • Weight Cost: Set the weight cost
  • Minimum Order Amount: You can also choose the minimum order amount for free shipping. 

The same goes for Local and International shipping. But for international shipping, you need to choose other countries. 

A screenshot to create new profile

Note: You can add more than one Rule for every shipping type. 

The settings and options are the same for Price Based shipping. But you need to add starting price and ending price. 

A screenshot to price based shipping

Click on the Save Changes button to finish. 

A screenshot to shipping profiles

Now you need to configure your From Address by going to Shipping→ Addresses

Click on the Add New Address button, 

A screenshot to add new address button

Now, add all the necessary information in the pop-up window, 

A screenshot to add all the necessary information in the pop-up window

Save the address to finish. 

A screenshot to create new address

And you are done. 

The customers will see the shipping calculations on the checkout page after entering their address-

A screenshot to shipping calculations on the checkout page after entering customer address

This is how you can easily configure the shipping of Dokan.