Team Management for Vendors

Under the Team settings, there are options like: 

  • All: You’ll find all your registered team members here. 
  • Active: This is the active team member list.
  • Inactive: This is the inactive team member list. 
  • Invited: This is the list of members that you have sent invitations to.

Also, there is a search option to search for any team member. 

You can invite new members by clicking on “+Invite New Member”. After clicking on this option, you’ll be redirected to a new interface. 

This is a screenshot that shows the team member list

Here you need to insert the Email address and the Phone number of the person whom you want to invite.  

Then select the status Active or Inactive from the Status option. 

Now you need to set the permissions. You can set the permissions:

  • Product 
  • Order
  • Vendor, and 
  • Settings wise.

If you want to give new member all the permissions, click on the “Select All” option. Otherwise, you can select select the specific options to give new member specific permissions. 

Don’t forget to click on the “Send Invitation” button to complete the procedure of sending invitation to someone. 

This image shows how to invite a new member to the team