Vendor Order Management

Dokan Cloud will let you manage your orders with ease. You can filter your orders, cancel, or even delete orders from the admin or vendor dashboard. 

We will show you how to configure the orders of your marketplace. 

Note: The process of order management for admin and vendors are the same. 

Order Management

You will find all the orders in the Order→ All Order section. There you can filter order based on-

  • Completed
  • Processing
  • Pending
  • Failed
  • Canceled
  • Refunded
This is a screenshot that shows the order list

When you click on an order, you will be able to see the order details-

This image shows the order details

From the Action button, you can put the order on hold, cancel order, delete order

How to Charge Order

In order to accept the order, you need to charge order. Click on the Charge Order button, you will get a pop-up window. There, choose the payment method and click on the Charge “X” amount button. 

This image shows how to charge order

The order will be accepted. 

This screenshot shows the transaction details

How to Create Shipments?

After accepting the order, you need to create shipments in order to deliver the order. Click on the Create Shipment button, you will get a pop-up window. 

There you need to choose the number of products you want to ship, shipping status, shipment carrier, tracking number.

This image shows the shipment details

After clicking on the Done button, you will see that the Shipment is created.

This image shows a completed shipment details

The customer will be able to view the order details in their account-

This image shows a list of recent orders

If the customer clicks on the Order Details section, they will be able to see the order details-

This image shows the order details

How to Refund an Order?

Refund is a complicated process. But Dokan lets you manage that easily. 

To refund an order, go to an order and click on the Refund button-

This image shows how to apply for a refund

Now you can either refund the whole amount or you can refund partially as well. 

In the refund page, choose the amount you want to refund and the quantity of the product. Also, write the refund reason if you want and then click on the Refund “X” amount button. 

This screenshot shows the refund details

The order is partially refunded. The customer can see that in their account as well, 

This screenshot shows a partially refunded order details

This is how you can refund an order. 

You can see the video for a better understanding.