Customizing store page

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

If the store design is broken in your theme, or you want to slightly change current things on your online store, you can override that from your theme or child theme.

So this documentation will help you to know how to easily you can customize store page and bring certain changes on your online store:-

How To Override or Customize Store Page

Let’s follow the steps below and apply them side by side to customize your online store’s page

Step one: Install a child theme:

A child theme is always the best choice and the best practice that every WordPress developer follows to customize things on a site. Because if you edit inside a theme or plugin folder, then all the changes will be lost upon update.

So if you are not already using a child theme, you can make one. If you have purchased a premium theme from ThemeForest or any other marketplace, then you will get a blank child theme in the zipped folder in most cases.

Step Two: Copy the store template:

The store template is located on wp-content/plugins/dokan/templates/ and the file name is store.php and store-sidebar.php. You need to copy both the files entirely. You can copy the file by right-clicking on it or open it in a text editor and copy the source code.

Step Three: Make a folder and paste the file:

If you have a folder named Dokan, inside your theme or child theme, then the system will pick the template from there and ignore the templates inside the plugin folder.

So after creating the folder inside your child theme, the store template location would be wp-content/themes/YourThemeName/dokan/store.php & wp-content/themes/YourThemeName/dokan/store-sidebar.php
If your theme name is Avada and you are using a child theme, then the store template location will look like wp-content/themes/avada-child/dokan/store.php & wp-content/themes/avada-child/dokan/store-sidebar.php.

Step Four: Edit the file on your child’s theme:

Now you can edit everything on that template. Upon saving the changes on the template will reflect on your vendor’s store page.