Setting Up Dokan Mobile App Slider

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

Using the app slider option you can insert images that will become a slider. That slider will be on top of the homepage on the Dokan Mobile App.

To insert images for the slider, go to WP Admin Dashboard > Dokan > Dokan Mobile App > App Slider (Tab).

This is a screenshot of the Dokan dashboard

There, you will get options to insert images and customize them.

  • Is Clickable: The user will be directed to another page when the user clicks on the image, if you click YES
  • Link Type: You can choose between Product Category and Product Tag.
  • Link To: There are options between various products. For example, if you choose clothing, whenever a user clicks on the image, then he/she will be directed to a page with clothing products.
Options for sliders

After configuration, you can see the results on the Dokan Mobile App.

This image shows the app slider

That is it for App Slider.