How to Create Products on your Marketplace with Approval System

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

Dokan multivendor allows you to approve or disapprove products from vendors, but before that you need to configure a few settings. You can also selectively disable the approval system for some vendors using the trusted vendor feature while everyone else gets through the approval filter.

Enabling Product Approval System

Go to wp-admin > Dokan > Settings > Selling Options > New Product Status and change it to Pending Review

Now click Save Changes at the bottom to confirm.

This image shows Dokan Product Approval System

Approve / Disapprove Uploaded Products

Go to wp-admin > Products > Pending tab, you will land on a listing page consisting all products from all vendors in this page and you have just sorted the products that are currently pending. Hover on the name of the product. Now there are two ways you can get this done.

The Short Way

While hovering click on Quick edit button, go to status (1), change it to published and then click update (2) to approve it. Or, change it to draft (1) to disapprove it.

This image shows quick approval dokan product option
quick approval dokan product

The Long Way

To go through all the details of the product and then decide about it, click on the product name or edit button.

Now, hit (1) Publish to approve, (2) Move to Trash to delete it or reject it, (3) Save as Pending to keep it undisputed.

This image shows how to publish a product


You can approve a rejected product by simply changing its status to Published. Rejected products can be found in the draft or trash tabs in the product listing.

Trusted Vendors

You can selectively mark some vendors to be always excluded from the approval system.

1. Go to WP-AdminDokanVendors. Then go to any seller’s profile by clicking the edit option.

2. Scroll to end of the profile,  you will find “Publish product directly” option, enable it.

3. Confirm by clicking Update User. Now your Trusted Seller is ready to publish the product directly

This image shows how to enable publish product directly