Available Payment Gateways in Dokan

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

While selling products online, you may need to adopt a payment gateway solution for immediate transactions. So for your marketplace, you can use some of the non-adaptive WooCommerce compatible payment gateways with Dokan.

That means you can use the available payment gateways of WooCommerce. If you go to wp-admin → WooCommerce → Settings → Checkout, then you will see a table like the following:

Payment Getaways

Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery are free methods in all terms. That means you do not have to pay for the gateways and to process the payments.

PayPal payment gateway is built-in WooCommerce. You will not have to pay for the gateway. But you must have a valid PayPal account. They will charge you based on transactions.

Payment Solutions by weDevs

We are offering two most popular payment gateways to take payments from the customers and automate the commission and withdrawal process. Those are-

  1. PayPal
  2. Stripe Connect
  3. Moip Connect
  4. Mangopay Payment Gateway
  5. Razorpay Payment Gateway
  6. Paypal Marketplace
  7. Stripe Express

Our Dokan has two types of payment gateway methods. One is the adaptive payment gateway and another is the non-adaptive payment gateway. Dokan Stripe ConnectDokan Stripe Express, Dokan PayPal Marketplace, MangoPay, RajorPay, and Moip Connect (Wirecard) are the “adaptive” payment gateway and the rest of all WooCommerce payment gateway is the “non-adaptive” payment gateway. Using the adaptive payment gateway solution, when a customer purchases a product that time admin commission and vendor revenue will split in real time. That means all processes will be done automatically.

And using the non-adaptive payment gateway solution, when a customer purchases a product that time the whole product price will go to the admin account. In that case, vendors are allowed to see their earnings amount. Admin needs to set a minimum withdrawal limit. When a vendor reaches that limit he/she can send a withdrawal request to the admin. After that, the admin will approve his request and send vendor revenue to their account via Paypal or bank transfer. That means, using the non-adaptive payment gateway solution. All processes will be done manually.

Payment Solutions Powered by WooCommerce

Let’s see the payment gateway solutions that are powered by WooCommerce:-

  1. Pay with Amazon
  2. Stripe
  3. Authorize.net AIM
  4. Payfast
  5. PayPal Pro
  6. Authorize.net CIM
  7. PayPal Advanced (Payflow)
  8. FirstData
  9. PayPal Express
  10. Authorize.net DPM
  11. WorldPay
  12. Braintree
  13. SagePay UK
  14. Mollie
  15. Simplify Commerce
  16. eWay (UK, US, AU, NZ)
  17. Klarna
  18. Elavon
  19. Sofort Bank Transfer
  20. Moneris
  21. Payson
  22. Realex Redirect
  23. DIBS
  24. PayPal Digital Goods
  25. USA ePay
  26. Ogone
  27. NAB Transact
  28. Payment Express
  29. BeanStream
  30. 2Checkout
  31. Paytrail
  32. RedSys
  33. Sage Payments USA
  34. Checkout.fi
  35. ANZ eGate
  36. Realex Remote
  37. Chase Paymentech
  38. LevelUP
  39. BluePay
  40. Pin Payments
  41. SecurePay
  42. GoCardless
  43. wepay
  44. iPay88
  45. Secure Trading
  46. Skrill
  47. Virtual Card Services
  48. iDeal Sisow
  49. Dwolla
  50. Payway Net
  51. PayU
  52. PayTrace
  53. PayGate
  55. MyGate
  56. CyberSource
  57. PaySeguro
  58. Alipay
  59. PayPoint.net
  60. PayEx
  61. SecureNet
  62. Wirecard
  63. SveaWebPay
  64. e-Path
  65. Payza
  66. TrustCommerce
  67. NETbilling
  68. Authipay
  69. iVeri
  70. PayLeap
  71. Heidelpay.de
  72. Rabo Omnicassa
  73. PSI Gate
  74. Merchant Warrior
  75. MercadoPago
  76. Nochex
  77. Peach Payments
  78. CardStream or Charity Clear
  79. Netbanx
  80. Vantiv
  81. ePay.bg
  82. AlliedWallet
  83. SnapScan
  84. Certitrade
  85. MoIP
  86. DataCash
  87. Swedbank
  88. Payment Express
  89. Pegamento Digital
  90. PencePay
  91. Danske Bank
  92. Krediidipank
  93. LHV
  94. Nordea
  95. DNB
  96. SEB
  97. PayPlug
  98. FuturePay
  99. Mijereh
  100. PayStand
  101. PayVector
  102. Infusionsoft
  103. CCAvenue

Free Payment Gateways from WordPress.org

  1. Viva Wallet
  2. Voguepay Woocommerce Payment Gateway
  3. Interswitch Webpay Woocommerce Payment Gateway
  4. SimplePay WooCommerce Payment Gateway
  5. Remita
  6. Paga Woocommerce Payment Gateway
  7. MPower Woocommerce Payment Gateway
  8. Paystack WooCommerce Payment Gateway

More at https://wphive.com/plugins/search.php?type=term&q=woocommerce+payment+gateway