Installed Pages

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

When the Dokan plugin will be installed and activated on a website to make a marketplace using Dokan, Dokan will add three pages. They are:

  1. Dashboard,
  2. Store Listing, and
  3. My Orders.

If you have accidentally deleted any of the pages mentioned above, you can create again with the below-mentioned shortcodes.


Dashboard[dokan-dashboard]Display vendor dashboard and all the elements for the vendor.
Store Listing[dokan-stores]Lists all the stores available on the site on a single page.
My Orders[dokan-my-orders]Lists all the orders for the customer.

Admin can manage page settings via WP Admin Dashboard > Dokan > Settings > Page Settings.

This is a screenshot of Dokan Page Settings

Adding Pages Manually

You can create the pages from WP Admin Dashboard > Pages > All Pages screen. Click on the add new button. Add the shortcode block like shown below.

This is a screenshot of adding shortcode in gutenberg

After that, add the shortcode of the page that is missing on your marketplace like shown below.

This is a screenshot of Dokan Shrotcdoe added

Adding Pages Automatically (Dokan Pro)

For the Dokan Pro users there is an easier way to create pages automatically. If the pages are missing from the website, admin can install the pages automatically from the WP Admin Dashboard > Dokan > Tools screen. Just click on the Install Dokan Pages. The pages will be automatically created. 

This is a screenshot of Dokan Tools

You can create pages automatically using the Install New Pages button from the Dokan Tools section. Below are the pages that will be installed, 

  1. Dashboard ([dokan-dashboard])
  2. Store Listing ( [dokan-stores])
  3. My Orders ( [dokan-my-orders])

Please navigate to the WP-Admin → Dokan → Tools option. On this page you will get the below options :

  1. Page Installation
  2. Re-generate Order Table
  3. Check Duplicate Orders

Click on the install Dokan pages button then all the Dokan default pages like the dashboard, my-orders, etc will be installed. You do not have to create and set them manually from Dokan → Settings → Page Settings.

Common Mistakes

Duplicate Pages: Dokan has a built in tool to install required pages with shortcodes. If you already have the required pages and click on the “Install Pages” button, then the same pages will be created as a duplicate. You will not need them. So If you ever see duplicate pages, please delete them.

Page URL: If you have duplicate pages and clear that later, then any of your pages might have a URL like or seller-listing-2

If you want to avoid that, you have to edit that page and correct the URL. If the duplicate page is still in the trash, then you will not be able to edit the page URL. You have to permanently delete the duplicate pages before editing the URL.