How to Apply Dokan Shortcode

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

[dokan-stores category="clothes"  order="ASC"  orderby="registered"  store_id="1, 2, 3"  featured="yes" with_products_only="yes"]
categoryTEXTYesNoneUse category slug from your store categories like “clothing”, “electronics”, “food”
orderTextYesASCPossible values are ‘DESC’,’ASC’.
orderbyTEXTYesRegisteredYou can use text, ‘ID’, ‘user_login’, ‘user_email’, ‘user_registered, ID’, ‘user_nicename, ID’, there
store_idNumberYesNoneYou can use numbers like, “1”, “2”,”3”.
FeaturedTextYesYesPossible values are “Yes”, “No”.
with_products_onlyTEXTYesYesPossible values are “Yes”, “No”.

Using This Shortcode

You can use this shortcode to redesign your store list page. You can add a new page titled Store List or you can replace the existing shortcode in the Store List page. 

Choose the Shortcode block from the block menu and paste this shortcode, 

[dokan-stores category=”clothes”  order=”ASC”  orderby=”registered”  store_id=”1, 2, 3″  featured=”yes” with_products_only=”yes”]


This is an example of how dokan shortcode works

Your store page will look like this, 

This is a screenshot of a Dokan shortcode preview