Configuring LinkedIn

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

LinkedIn is a popular verification medium nowadays. And with Dokan you can easily add a LinkedIn verification step for your customers and sellers.

How to get Client ID and Client Secret from Linkedin

Getting Client ID and Client Secret in the same concept as others. You just have to create an app and get those details from your created apps.

THis image shows Dokan Linkedin option

Go through the ‘Create An App’ link to go the Google API page or click here.

Click on the Create Application on the very first page of the Linkedin app.

This image shows how to create app

On the next page, insert your app details and submit to go further.

This image shows how to add app details

After successfully submitting this page, you’ll redirect a new page where you have to give your redirect URL that has been generated already. Copy the redirect URL as shown in the screenshot below.

This image shows redirect URL option

This is the most tricky part here. Follow carefully the steps.

→ Go to the Auth section after creating your app.

This image shows auth option

→ Insert the redirect URL that you have copied(shown in the last screenshot above) on OAuth 2.0 and OAuth 1.0a

→ Click on the update button last.

This image shows how to add url

→ Copy Client ID & Client Secret and paste into the setting page(follow the screenshot).

This image shows how to add client id

Almost done. Check now what how it works on your site.

This is a screenshot of the preview

Click on the Linkedin icon, you’ll be redirected to the to app permission page. Allow it and you are done here.

This is a screenshot of the Linkedin preview