Dokan License Activation & Upgrading License

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

Right after activating the Dokan plugin, you will see a notification to activate the license. The Dokan license activation is required to receive automatic updates.

⚠Please do not activate the license if you are just testing the plugin on your local host or staging server.

If you are done with testing the plugin and sure to use it on your live server, only then you should activate the license.

Steps to Activate the Dokan License

  1. If you are not already logged in to your admin panel, please log in first.
  2. Go to Dokan → License. You will see fields for your license key.
  3. You will find the license keys on your weDevs Account Dashboard.
  4. Copy and paste the license key from the weDevs Dashboard.
  5. Now click Save and Activate.
This image shows how to activate Dokan license

If you have used the license key before anywhere, then you need to open a support ticket asking to reset the key. Deleting the activation from your site is not sufficient.

How to Upgrade License

Apart from the free package, there are 4 paid plans for Dokan and to upgrade from freemium to a premium plan, you have to buy a valid license key. In this documentation, you will get to know how to upgrade your Dokan license key to a premium one.

Assuming that you are using the Dokan ‘Starter‘ package and you want to upgrade this package to the ‘Business‘. For a clear understanding, take a look at the pricing table below:

This is a GIF file that shows Dokan pricing plans

How to Upgrade Your Existing Package?

To upgrade a package, you must have a paid package. Meaning that you can not upgrade the license for the free package. If you are using ‘Starter‘ package and upgrade it to the ‘Business‘ then follow these steps:

Step 01: Access Your Dashboard

Log in to your My Account page and then go to the Dashboard:

This illustration shows how can a user access his dashboard

Step 02: Find Your Subscription List

Now, click on the Subscriptions menu to find your subscription list. Select a subscription package you want to upgrade to a higher one from the list:

This image shows how a user can find his subscriptions list

Step 03: Access the Upgrade License Button

Click on the View button beside your chosen subscription or package.

Scroll down and you will find the Subscription Total section. Under that, you will find your product details and the Upgrade License button.

This is a screenshot that shows how a user can access his subscription list

Now, click on the “Upgrade License” button.

Note that you can only update a package automatically if you have bought a package using Stripe (Credit Card) payment gateway.

Step 04: Upgrade Your License

Now, select the higher package that you want to upgrade, and finally, click on the Upgrade License button. Please note that the price of the renewal will be automatically calculated depending on your current subscription.

This image shows 4 pricing plans of Dokan plugin

Step 05: Complete the Checkout

Next, you will be redirected to the checkout page. Here, you will be charged the rest of the amount for your desired package. This means you will only have to pay the remaining amounts (Higher Package minus Your Existing Package Price).

For example, if you already have Dokan Starter worth $149 and want to upgrade to Business Package worth $499. For the upgrading process, you will have to pay ($499 – $149) = $350.

This is a screenshot that shows the checkout page of Dokan plugin

After entering your credentials, hit the “Buy Now” button and you are done with upgrading your license.

Note: This license upgrading method works the same for every product of weDevs.