Dokan License Activation & Upgrading License

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

Upon activating the Dokan plugin, you will see a notification to activate the license. The Dokan license activation is required to receive automatic updates.

⚠Please do not activate the license if you are just testing the plugin on your local host or staging server.

How to Activate the Dokan Pro License

After purchasing the Dokan plugin, a new license key will be automatically generated for you. You can easily locate this key by navigating to your Account’s  License menu.

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To activate the Dokan plugin, copy the generated license key and paste it into the designated field within your WordPress Admin Dashboard under Dokan > License. Once pasted, proceed by clicking the ‘Activate License’ button to complete the activation process.

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If you intend to use the license key on another site, ensure to deactivate it from your current site beforehand. Simply navigate to the Dokan > License section within your Dokan plugin settings and click on the ‘Deactivate License’ button.

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How to Upgrade License

If you are considering upgrading from your current package to a higher tier, kindly proceed as outlined below:

Log in to your Account and navigate to the Subscription menu.

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Click on the “Change Plan” button

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After clicking, a popup window will appear. Select your desired plan from there and proceed by clicking the ‘Switch Plan’ button to upgrade.

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After the upgrade, a new license key will not be generated. Instead, the activation count for your existing license and the downloadable file will be updated accordingly.

Please note that the upgrade option is unavailable for Lifetime plans.

How to Update Payment Method

The upgrade will be processed using your default payment method. If you need to update your payment method, click on the ‘Manage Payment Methods’ button within the Subscription menu.

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How to Cancel Auto-renewal

The automatic renewal for the Dokan plugin is enabled by default. If you wish to cancel the auto-renewal, navigate to the Subscription menu and click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button.

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