Dokan Tools

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

Dokan has multivendor functionality and each vendor can manage their own order and withdraw options from the frontend.

Sometimes vendors face a strange issue like – Withdraw balance is not matching with the Dashboard earnings or reports. Usually, this problem occurs when the order table of Dokan plugin does not get updated during the plugin update or any unfortunate caching issue.

When you are getting a new order but suddenly you found that your balance is not updating that means there is an order table generating the issue.

Also, after re-installing the Dokan plugin or after doing a fresh installation you might need to re-create the default pages.

To fix those above issues, please navigate to wp-admin → Dokan → Tools option. On this page you will get below options :

  1. Page Installation
  2. Re-generate Order Table
  3. Check Duplicate Orders
this is a screenshot of Dokan Tools

Page Installation

If you click on the install Dokan pages button then all the Dokan default pages like the dashboard, my-orders etc will be installed. You do not have to create and set them manually form Dokan → Settings → Page Settings.

Regenerate Order Sync Table

When a customer will place an order on your website and after the successful payment if you found wrong calculation on your vendor earning reports or withdraw balance area then this option can help you.

You can click on the Re-build button to regenerate the order table and after that, the order table will generate new order data and calculation on the vendor dashboard would be corrected. If still, it is showing wrong balance then you may need to check the next step.

Check For Duplicate Orders

When a customer purchases from multiple vendors that time each vendor order is saved as a sub-order.

A parenting order can have multiple sub-orders if there are multiple vendors’ products on the same order. Now, sometimes sub-order can create some duplicate order issue. This problem generally occurs when a sub-order does not perform correctly due to caching or server issues. This is a rare problem but if re-generate order does not fix your calculation problem that time you can hit the Check orders button to check for duplicate orders.