Create Google Maps API key

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

Create Google Maps API key if you are building your app for Android. On iOS Dokan App uses Apple Maps so you can skip this step for iOS.

Step 1: Go to Google Cloud Platform Console. In case you need to log in, use your Gmail credentials.

Step 2: If you do not have any previous project you will see a page like below.

This image shwos the Google Maps Api Key

You may have existing projects here. Either way, create a new project by clicking the Create button

Step 3: Give a proper project name and click Create

This image shows how to create a New Project

Step 4: Wait until a new project is created. It will take you to to the page you were in Step 2. Click Select a Project from the drop-down at the top bar and select the newly created project.

Select a project Google Maps Api Key

Step 5: Upon selecting your project a page will appear like below. Click Maps SDK for Android marked by the red rectangle

Maps SDK

Step 6: Click Enable button on the new page

Enable SDK Google Maps Api Key

Step 7: You will get to this page. Click the Credentials tab.

This image shows where to insert Credentials

Step 8: Click the Create credentials dropdown and the click API key

Create Credentials Google Maps Api Key

Step 9: Your API key is successfully created. Copy the key and save it. You can view your API key any time coming to this page

This image shows Api created Google Maps Api Key