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Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

Welcome aboard!

You may already know that Dokan is based on WooCommerce and designed using Bootstrap. So Dokan will work without any issues with all the WooCommerce compatible themes.

If your theme does not include Bootstrap, then there might be issues with Dokan specific pages only. The most important two pages used by Dokan are

  1. Dashboard
  2. Store Page

Getting Started

You do not need to buy the plugin to develop a theme. You can download the free version from WordPress.org and use that to check design compatibility.

You can either search for “Dokan Lite” from the WordPress admin dashboard or download the plugin from here.

Dashboard Page Template

The dashboard page is rendered using a shortcode [dokan-dashboard]. If your theme has a full-width template, then there is nothing more required. If not, then just make one. We have suggested that users assign full-width templates for the dashboard pages. So the customers will be able to find the template from the page edit screen.

Store Template

The main bummer for non-bootstrap themes is the store page. The store pages are just like author templates. This page fetches all the data from the user profile. So this page is being generated dynamically. If you need to change anything on the store page, then you need to follow the steps below- dokan/templates/

  1. Copy store.php from dokan/templates/ folder
  2. Make a folder named “dokan” inside your theme folder.
  3. Paste the file inside your-theme/dokan/ folder

Store Listing

The contents of this page are also fetched using a shortcode named [dokan-stores]. So assigning a full width or single sidebar template will be sufficient.

So these are the pages that need special attention from a theme author. If you have got some more questions, feel free to send us a mail at [email protected]