How To Get Started With Dokan Vendor Mobile App

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

Shopping has become easy with the new Dokan Mobile App. That’s because quite easy to use.

To download and install the Dokan vendor mobile App, go to the play store on your phone and search for ‘Dokan‘. Click on install. The app will be installed.

This image shows how to install Dokan Mobile app

Login to The Mobile App

After downloading and installing the app, you can open the app and see the features. But in order to purchase and get the full benefits of the app, you need to sign up.

This is a screenshot that shows how to login to Dokan app

If you don’t want to sign up using your Facebook account, then click on Sign Up bottom of the page. You will get a page where you will put the necessary information to create your account.

This image shows how to signup to the Dokan app

Put all the details and click sign up to finish.

Use your email address and password to log in to your app and enjoy the amazing features of the Dokan Mobile App.

overview GIF Dokan vendor mobile app

That’s it for Dokan vendor mobile app!