Product Catalog Feature

Dokan Multi Vendor Documentation

Using the product catalog feature of the Dokan lite version, vendors now can hide the add-to-cart button and price of the product and only show the products in a catalog version.

Here’s how to set up this feature.

Enable Product Catalog Feature – Admin

At first, the admin needs to enable the feature from the WordPress dashboard. To enable this feature, go to navigate to WP-admin–> Settings–> Selling Options.

This image shows Dokan Go to Settings page

If you scroll down, you will find the Product Catalog Section. Enable the Remove Add to Cart Button option. Then you will see another option, Hide Product Price.

This image shows Dokan Product Catalog mode

Now, vendors will be able to use this feature from the vendor dashboard.

Product Catalog Feature – Vendor

After the admin enabled the feature from the backend, vendors will enable this feature from the vendor dashboard.

To use this feature, vendors need to go to Vendor Dashboard–> Settings,

This image shows Dokan go to vendor settings page

There, vendors will find the Product catalog option. If they choose the “Remove Add to Cart Button“, the add to cart button will be removed from the product page. Also, they can hide the product prices by choosing the “Hide Product Price” option.

Also, vendors can enable Request Quote Support for their products.

Note: If vendors enable Request Quote Support, then the settings of Request Quote will take priority over Catalog Mode settings. Or else Catalog Mode settings will get priority.

This image shows Dokan Vendor settings

This is what the single product page will look like after enabling the Product Catalog mode.

This image shows Dokan add to cart, price missing

Enable Product Catalog Feature for Individual Products

If the vendors want, they can set the product catalog feature for individual products instead of all the products.

Select the product from Vendor Dashboard–> Products and click on the Edit button. There the vendors will find the Product Catalog section. They can enable the, “Remove Add to Cart Button” and “Hide Product Price” feature for this product.

This image shows Dokan Edit product for catalog mode

Otherwise, vendors can use the Quick Edit option to enable this feature,

This image shows Dokan quick edit option

Bulk Edit for Product Catalog Feature

Vendors can add the product catalog feature in bulk. Just select the products from the Vendor Dashboard–> Products and select the Enable Catalog Mode from the drop-down menu.

This image shows Dokan bulk actions product feature

Product Catalog Feature for Grouped Products

When the vendor enables the global product catalog feature, then the scenario will be something like this for the grouped products,

This image shows dokan grouped products

Customers won’t be able to add any quantity or see the product prices.

However, there is a catch. If vendors add the product catalog feature for individual products in the grouped products then the price and quantity won’t be shown for that product.

For example, in this grouped product we have applied the product catalog feature only for the “Hoodie with Logo” product. That is why the quantity and the price of that product are not showing.

This image shows Dokan individual grouped products

Request for Quotation Support for Product Catalog Feature

This feature will support the request for quotation feature as well. If you create a rule where you want to replace the Add to Cart button with a Quote button,

This image shows dokan first quote rule

Then it will work seamlessly,

This image shows dokan add to quote button

However, if you choose to keep the Add to Cart button along with the Quote button,

This image shows dokan second quote rule

But, the Add to Cart button will not show as the vendors have enabled the Product catalog feature.